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About pastor Ivan Khristov

Pastor Ivan Khrystov was born on 17 September in 1963 in the Orehovka, Ukraine, in the family of Christians. He is the believer in the third generations through his father.

His father, Khrystov Nikolai Mikhailovich , was a pastor assistant in Baptist Church and also a preacher. Mother Maria was the assistant to her husband, and was engaged in educating the children.

MG_6713In the years of socialism, Christians who lived in the territory of the former Soviet Union, had been subjected to acts of harassment and persecution. Father Nikolai Mikhailovich had many occasions from the government and have been fined because he was faithful and served God.

But through all the difficulties, Nikolai Mikhailovich was a great example for his family -continuing to be regarded merely as the prayers and Bible study in the family and also in the church.

Pastor Ivan Khrystov married and has five wonderful sons: Valery, Oleg, Ivan, Sergiy and Nick, as well as daughter -in-law and two beautiful grandchildren, Angelina and Samuel. Pastor said, that his wife Kylyna, is the greatest blessing to his life. She invested music and spiritual life for their children. All of them glorify God on musical instruments and also great worshipers . The pastor and his wife sang in the worship choir for many years. Then in 1995, the church consecrated him as a pastor assistant in the “Word of Life” church in the city of Izmail, Ukraine.

But God prepared for him a more bigger ministry. The Bishop advised him to open a new church in the village of Kalanchak, where he ministered with his family five times a week. It has been a very difficult time . This village has never had a church. People in this village never heard about God. He started his service directly on the street. The Church began with two sisters and the family of pastor. In 2001, the church has risen to 6 people , but in the same year, about 8 young girls and boys from 14 -16 years excepted Jesus in their hearts. Ivan Khrystov with his family did a lot for the people in this church, by showing them an example of hope, faith and love. For those years in Kalanchak church got baptized approximately fifty more people, mostly young people.

In 2005, Pastor Ivan Nikolaevich immigrated with his family to the United States. In 2007 he became a pastor in the “Way Of The Lord Slavic Church” in Sacramento, California.


Valeriy Khristov

Valeriy-1024x948Valeriy  Hristov was born in a Christian family of Pastor Ivan Nikolaevich and Akulina Petrovna Khrystov. He is a believer in the fourth generation. Since childhood, he loved God and wanted to serve Him always. Music and singing have always occupied an important place in the life and heart of Valeriy.From an early age he began studying music school where he took part in various activities and competitions . As a teenager he started playing in the worship band  and praising His Holy Name.

Faith in God, nothing could stop him telling his friends about Jesus, and bringing them into the church. At the age of 16 years, has dedicated his life to God and became a member of the Christian church Church “The Way of the Lord” in the village of Kalanchak, Ukraine.

In 2005, he immigrated with his  family in the USA. In 2010 he was ordained as a deacon in the Church of “The Way of the Lord” in the city of Sacramento. Valeriy Khrystov and his wife Lyudmila have  two beautiful children and a lovely friendly family.