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Third Crave Generation Conference 2016

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We are so excited!


Our third annual Crave conference is in less than 2 weeks away. We can’t wait to see and experience what’s going to take place on April 23rd & 24th in Carmichael area. Invite everyone you know and get here, because God is up to something. This will change your life. We have Philip Muela as the main speaker of the conference and also Vincent Ochoa for a seminar.

The conference’s theme is “Haven’t arrived yet”. This is a Word for someone and especially for us. As Christians we tend to give up, to arrive before it was meant to be. We are a “fast food” generation, we want the results NOW, but God intended a process for us to go through before getting the results. Many get discouraged and give up. Be encouraged today to go on, to get the strength from the Lord. He gave you a calling and a purpose, and He will also give you everything you need to fulfill that calling and purpose.

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